From Drawing Board To Market Electronics, Software & Mechanical Design Services

  • Agricultural Industry Agricultural Industry From robotics to irrigation automation, Tri-Star Design develops agricultural products that maximize efficiency and lower operating costs.
  • Circuit Board Design Circuit Board Design As part of our full turn-key services, Tri-Star Design provides expertise in printed circuit board design and simulation. Services include multi-layer PCB design, pre-route and post-route simulation, and design for manufacturability.
  • Mechanical Engineering Mechanical Engineering Tri-Star Design can take your product vision from concept to production with our state-of-the-art mechanical design and thermal analysis expertise. From industrial design to injection molding to enclosures, we are your full service partner.
  • Medical Instrumentation Medical Instrumentation Tri-Star Design can provide you with state-of the-art medical equipment development, and laboratory instrumentation design with industry compliance in mind. Our design team has the experience to take you successfully to market in the rapidly growing healthcare field.
  • Data Communications Data Communications Tri-Star Design is your team for all data and telecommunications applications. From fiber optic test equipment, to central office switching, to PBX solutions, to VoIP, and wireless/RF communication, we’ve delivered solutions to Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike.
  • Factory Automation Factory Automation Ask us about our experience with factory and warehouse automation control systems. We work with companies both small and large to help them to make their process more efficient through automation.
  • Biometric Technologies Biometric Technologies Tri-Star Design specializes in the development of technologies used in biometric Identification, including iris, fingerprint and facial recognition.
  • Robotics Robotics Robots are finding homes in every application. Tri-Star Design develops robotics systems for applications ranging from medical and scientific lab equipment to manufacturing automation. Let us design your next robotics system.

Electronic Design

ElectronicElectronic design services are provided by our experienced staff of engineering design professionals for both analog and digital electronic circuit design. Tri-Star Design, Inc. has extensive experience designing complex digital and analog electronics in a variety of process technologies including: CPLD and FPGA design, microprocessors, DSP & discrete Logic. – READ MORE ▶

Software Design

SoftwareThe software development team at Tri-Star Design provides design services consisting of real-time software development, firmware and diagnostic code development. Real-time software development services include device drivers and protocol implementations residing below the application layer and providing a complete integration with the hardware and real-time operating system. – READ MORE ▶

Mechanical Design

MechanicalMechanical Design Services from Tri-Star address requirements of engineering organizations across a variety of markets and locations. As a complete engineering design services partner, Tri-Star provides clients with outstanding designs, leveraging over 20 years of expertise in CAD, CAM and CAE. – READ MORE ▶

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